InsideZoom object
The InsideZoom object holds a unit being zoomed. The InsideZooms property retrieves the collection of InsideZoom objects. The inside zoom feature allows displaying portions of the chart with different time scale units. For instance, you can display the bars on hours, while the chart still displays days. The chart may display any unit in a different format. The InsideZoom objects get displayed ONLY of the AllowInsideZoom property is true.

The following screen shot shows the hours for Jun 22, while the rest of the chart displays days:

The InsideZoom object supports the following properties and methods. 

AllowCustomFormatGets or sets a value that indicates whether the time unit displays a custom format or default format.
AllowInsideFormatSpecifies whether the unit allows displaying the inside format.
AllowResizeSpecifies whether the user can resize the date/time unit.
CustomFormatGets the custom format of the time unit.
EndDateReturns the date where the zoom unit ends.
StartDateReturns the date where the zoom unit begins.
WidthSpecifies the width of the date/time in the chart.