property Chart.DrawDateTicker as Boolean
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates whether the control draws a ticker around the current date while cursor hovers the chart's client area.

Boolean A Boolean expression that indicates whether the date ticker is visible or hidden.
By default, the DrawDateTicker property is False. Use the DrawDateTicker property to show or hide the ticker that shows up while the cursor hovers the chart's area. The ticker indicates the size and position of the focused bar while it is resized or moved. The DateTickerLabel property specifies the label (being displayed across the ticker) that shows the start and end dates of the moved or resized bar. Use the DateFromPoint property to retrieve the date from the cursor. Use the NonworkingDays property to specify the nonworking days. Use the MarkTodayColor property to specify whether the today date is marked. Use the DrawTickLines property to specify whether the grid lines between time units in the level are visible or hidden. The DateTickerLabel property shows the start and end date of the bar being moved or resized.

Your application can provide some options to help user while performing moving or resizing the bars at runtime as follow: