property InsideZoomFormat.InsideLabel as String
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates the format of the inside level's label.

String A String expression that specifies the label being displayed for inside zoom units. It supports built-in HTML format as well.
By default, the InsideLabel property is "<%hh%>", that shows the hours in 2 digits. The AllowInsideFormat property indicates whether the inside label is being displayed or not. The InsideUnit property specifies the time scale unit being used to paint the inside zoom units. The InsideCount property specifies the number on inside units being displayed at one time.  Even if the InsideLabel property is empty, the inside level may display the tick lines, or the grid lines. 

The following screen shows the inside units (hours) in bold ( InsideLabel property is "<b><%hh%></b>" ):

The InsideLabel property supports the following:

The following tags are displayed based on the user's Regional and Language Options:

The InsideLabel property supports: