property G2antt.AutoDrag as AutoDragEnum
Gets or sets a value that indicates the way the component supports the AutoDrag feature.

AutoDragEnum An AutoDragEnum expression that specifies what the control does once the user clicks and start dragging an item. 
By default, the AutoDrag property is exAutoDragNone(0). The AutoDrag feature indicates what the control does when the user clicks an item and starts dragging it. For instance, using the AutoDrag feature you can automatically lets the user to drag and drop the data to OLE compliant applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and so on. The SingleSel property specifies whether the control supports single or multiple selection. The AutoDrag feature adds automatically Drag and Drop, but you can still use the OLEDropMode property to handle the OLE Drag and Drop event for your custom action. If you need moving a bar from an item to another, you should use the Items.ItemBar(exBarCanMoveToAnother) property on True. The AllowAutoDrag event notifies your application once the user drag and drop the item to a new position.

The drag and drop operation starts:

Once the drag and drop operation starts the mouse pointer is changed to MOVE cursor if the operation is possible, else if the Drag and Drop operation fails or if it is not possible, the mouse pointer is changed to NO cursor.

If using the AutoDrag property on:

the Drag and Drop starts only:

Use the AutoDrag property to allow Drag and Drop operations like follows: