constants FilterTypeEnum
Defines the type of filter applies to a column. Use the FilterType property of the Column object to specify the type of filter being used. Use the Filter property of Column object to specify the filter being used. The value for Filter property depends on the FilterType property.

exAll0 No filter applied
exBlanks1 Only blank items are included
exNonBlanks2 Only non blanks items are included
exPattern3 Only items that match the pattern are included. The Filter property defines the pattern. A pattern may contain the wild card characters '?' for any single character, '*' for zero or more occurrences of any character, '#' for any digit character, and [chars] indicates a group of characters. If any of the *, ?, # or | characters are preceded by a \ ( escape character ) it masks the character itself.
exDate4 Use the exDate type to filter items into a given interval. The Filter property of the Column object defines the interval of dates being used to filter items. The interval of dates should be as [dateFrom] to [dateTo]. Use the Description property to changes the "to" conjunction used to split the dates in the interval. If the dateFrom value is missing, the control includes only the items before the dateTo date, if the dateTo value is missing, the control includes the items after the dateFrom date. If both dates ( dateFrom and dateTo ) are present, the control includes the items between this interval of dates. For instance, the "2/13/2004 to" includes all items after 2/13/2004 inclusive, or "2/13/2004 to Feb 14 2005" includes all items between 2/13/2004 and 2/14/2004.
exNumeric5 If the FilterType property is exNumeric, the Filter property may include operators like <, <=, =, <>, >= or > and numbers to define rules to include numbers in the control's list.  For instance, the "> 10 < 100" filter indicates all numbers greater than 10 and less than 100. If the FilterType property is exNumeric, the drop down filter window doesn't display the filter list that includes items "(All)", "(Blanks)", ... and so on.
exCheck6 Only checked or unchecked items are included. The CellState property indicates the state of the cell's checkbox. The control filters for checked items, if the Filter property is "1". The control filters for unchecked items, if the Filter property is "0". A checked item has the the CellState property different than zero. An unchecked item has the CellState property on zero.
exImage10 Filters items by icons. The CellImage property indicates the cell's icon
exFilter240 Only the items that are in the Filter property are included.
exFilterDoCaseSensitive256 If this flag is present, the filtering on the column is case-sensitive. If this flag is missing, the filtering is case-insensitive ( by default ). You can use the exFilterDoCaseSensitive flag to perform case-sensitive filtering within the column. This flag is not applied to filter prompt feature.
exFilterExclude512 The flag indicates that the Exclude field of the column is checked. The flag indicates that the items that match the filter are excluded from the list.