property Chart.TimeZoneInfo (Key as Variant) as Variant
Retrieves information about the time-zone giving its key.

Key as Variant A String expression that specifies the key of the date-time zone to access the information
Variant A safe array of 5 elements that indicates the Key, Start, End, Color and Options parameters being using at the time MarkTimeZone method is invoked.
The TimeZoneInfo property can be used to access the information about a date-time zone. A zone can be used to highlight a range of dates, specifying the start and end zone. Use the MarkTimeZone method to highlight different time-zones. Use the RemoveTimeZone method to delete the time zone being added previously using the MarkTimeZone method. The TimeZoneFromPoint property retrieves the key of the time-zone from the cursor.

The TimeZoneInfo property retrieves a vector of 5 fields as follows:

For instance, the following VB sample displays the stating point of the date-time zone from the cursor:

Private Sub G2antt1_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
    Dim k As Variant
    k = G2antt1.Chart.TimeZoneFromPoint(-1, -1)
    If (Not IsEmpty(k)) Then
        Debug.Print "Start at: " & G2antt1.Chart.TimeZoneInfo(k)(1)
    End If
End Sub